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Your first lesson is two hours long with the first hour free. We have had the first hour free for over 20 years now. We were probably the first school to do this. Please dont think of it as a sales gimmick. Our reasoning behind this is simple. This is the most important lesson you will ever do. It will shape the future and it takes longer than an hour to do properly.

Who qualifies for the first lesson free?

Basically all learner drivers irrespective of whether you have driven before or not. There are just two exceptions.

1. People who have already passed a test and are having refresher lessons.

2. People who already have a driving test booked.

Does it commit me to having more lessons?

No. We see it as our chance to impress you. If we do that, then you will probably book more lessons anyway.

How do I book my first lesson?

Simply ring us on one of the numbers on the right and we will arrange it for you. We will not put you under any high pressure sales techniques. Our staff are friendly and will take time to answer your questions, and take the time to find out what your require from us.



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