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Pass Plus.

Pass Plus is a short course of six hours for students who have already passed their driving test.

The original rational behind this was that insurance companies would offer a discount on your insurance premium at least equal to the cost of the pass plus course.

To be perfectly honest the days of large discounts have all but gone now and we would be less than honest with you to say you will get a large discount these days by doing a pass plus course.

However, discounts are still available, and pass plus is still a good course to take.

We can tailor the pass plus course exactly to your requirements. So if you expect to be driving on the motorway to work every day then we will place a higher emphysis on that.

We generally do pass plus in three 2 hour sessions.

This takes the form of

At the end of the course you will then receive a pass plus certificate which should help you when insuring your first car.

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